Thursday, August 5, 2010

"You won't like me when i'm angry!"

  His name is Angry. My scratch built death company dreadnought, and with blood talons, he is... ANGRY!

  I made him out of a AoBR dread and built the giant chainsaw arm out of the melta arm and simple plastic-card. after that i cut his legs off and just glued them back on further back so it looks like he is jumping over a pile of rubble.

  Now if your playing BA, you shouldn't leave home without one of these bad boys. Using the blood talons i have taken out entire squads of pretty much anything i run into. my average kill in first round of combat is usually around 8 kills. he gets 6 attacks on the charge. (4 base +1 charge + 1 blood talons) re-rolling wounds(acts as lighting claws) and for every kill he gets another attack. say good bye to those pesky 20+ guard squads. Just don't run them into termies with TH/SS. they can F him up.
Oh and he come with a melt-gun! that is a lovely can opener! 

  The down side is if your opponent knows what he is capable of, then he will be a prime target. he does have some protection with "none can stay my wrath" ignoring shaken and stunned. but still nothing pisses me off more then getting immobilized right in front of a juicy target. I usually roll with him on the back of a storm raven so he has a fighting chance to at least kill one squad. 

  Death company dreadnoughts are what every dreadnought should be in close combat. One giant killing robot with the soul of a genetically enhanced super solder!  

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lemartes and the Death Co.

First off i would like to say that would make an awesome Metal Band - Lemartes and the Death Company

I think
 the death co. with a chaplain is one of the best units in the game! very rarely can you have a unit that can re-roll hits and wounds 4 attacks on the charge at I5 and S5. And well you can have up to 30 of them! Orks got it close with Nobs but they have low initiative. I usually run with around 10 of them with a Chaplain just so i can fit them in my Storm Raven. But the real question is why would i take Lemartes over a generic chaplain?

Pros & Cons of Lemartes

I'm slowly realizing that he might be a better choice for my chaplain of the death co. The up sides of him is that he has Feel no pain where a normal Chaplain doesn't. We all know that when you take enough wounds you have to put it on your Chaplain and you can make all the saves but on him, its rather disappointing. And one of the biggest pros for Lemartes is the Fury Unbound. If he takes a wound he jumps up to S5 with 5 attacks. After that on the Charge thats 6 attacks at S6 re-rolling hit and wounds. All of that for a small 50 extra points.  And another big pro is he doesn't take up a Elite slot!
The Cons, he only has a few but it might be tempting not to use him. The jump pack he has is kinda annoying. We all know that a death co with jump packs are a waste of points. a 20pt awesome model jumps up to 35pt. A 10 man squad is an extra 150pt for jump packs. I don't think its worth it and for another 50pt you can have a storm raven. So Lemartes with a JP with a squad that doesn't, can't go into a Land Raider or a Rhino, it forces you into a Storm Raven (if you have one built) or your foot slogging it. I have yet to foot slog my Death Co. but i know that is just asking for everything to shoot at them. A Bolt Pistol, thats all he's got. where a Chaplain you can give him better weapons.

Now the Elite Choice Chaplain is nice to have if you want a little more protection for your Death Hammer unit. you can put him and his boys in a Land Raider or a Rhino. He can take a plasma pistol or a a bunch of other weapons. Or if you want make him a terminator for that 2+/4+ save. He's also a IC so if you want him to break off and kick another units ass he can. I don't know why you want too, unless your fighting IG and you are surrounded by plasma/melta troops and as soon as you kill one unit another one just blasts the SH** out of you. And lastly, a chaplain is 50pt less! That can make the difference, its a attack bike with a Multi-melta! 

They are both a must for your death company. I'll play him on friday (my game club) and let you know the outcome. If anyone has anything else to say about this matter feel free.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


As I said before my funding has been an all time low for warhammer, but that doesn't stop me from trying to make new things with what i got. My friend at is a genius at taking a cereal box and a rhino and BAM, a Land Raider with a demolisher cannon and some other craziness! So this post is all about making new models with ones that i already have. Cause why proxy when you can just make a cool model  and it gives your army originality.

Before i got into the new blood angels i played Black Templar. (still very close to my heart) but now they are over priced for space marines, and well the blood angels are just so much fun to play! But that is neither hear nor there. What i'm trying to say is that I love Chaplains! I think they are the greatest HQ (now elite) choice you can take. To make a already pretty kick ass squad and make it even better?! Re-rolling failed to wound! making power weapons very close to power fist with the chances to wound.

I've been rolling a chaplain with a death company, that unit IS death! (re-roll hits and wounds!) so the problem i had is, i have a chaplain in terminator armor and one with a jump pack but i don't have just in power armor. So to change this I butchered one of my tacital marines, (who needs bolters?!) And with some CSM and some Warhammer Fantasy bits I made this bad boy! Since the BT and BA's both had a huge history in killing orks, I used an ork skull as a shoulder pad.

Another super easy scratch built model i made is The Sanguinar or i like to call the Sangunator (sounds cooler) Even though GW model is super cool, i built my own.
A while back i got tired of the GW's emperors champion, it wasn't doing it for me. so i built my own with some Dark Angel and CSM bits. And that left me with the a old metal model not in use. I put some of wings my friend gave cause he wasn't using them and and new paint job and BOOM! THE SANGUNATOR!

And some tips on playing this over priced bad ass. Run him next to your death co. giving them +1 attack. yeah thats 5 attacks at strength 5 on the charge with FC and a with my new chaplain re-rolling all hits and wounds. your looking at a Butt-load of armor saves. And since he isn't an IC he can charge another unit or better yet the enemy IC and he can re-roll hits and wounds on them. I wouldn't deep strike him. a single model out in the open with nothing to do is not a good way to bring him in. I start him off on the table and run him up behind a LR or rhino, single models are easy to hide. Make sure he has some support if you are charging a big squad, with only 3 wounds thats just 3 ones and that 270pt model is down for the count!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Storm Raven

When the BA codex came out and i saw how bad ass the storm raven is, i just had to make one. I looked into everyone else's conversions and everyone was making these Land Raiders with wings. When you put if on the table it just looks like a Fat person at a Olympic gymnast meeting.  The AV is only 12 and it can only hold 12 marines, no termies. That is 2 strikes against the Land Raider looking Storm Raven. I though of just a slightly larger Rhino looking ship with some clamps on the back for the dread.  This was my first and poor man's attempt at making one. unlike all my other 40k bloggers i have a very limited amount of funds to dump into this addiction. So i broke apart an old Pred i wasn't really playing with and i went to the local non-warhammer hobby shop and picked up a A-10 Worthog model for $20 and some placticard. I would say it would be much easier if the pred wasn't already assembled but hey i had a full day to work on it and experiment.  I also had a ton of bits i got a while ago. (also helped me with my Orks) so here is it. Most of it is the Rhino and plasticard but everyone at my local game store likes it. My next one is going to look similar but it will use a Drop pod for wings and a Vindicator for the body it will be a more stream-lined look.

The top photo still needed some small paint touch ups and more work. I did have some trouble with transporting it and the wings staying on. And if you do make one I recommend not playing one with only one wing cause i did, and all night from 10 different people saying "why does it only have one wing? does it only fly around in circles?" and my reply was something like "I  forgot the other wing at your moms house!"
To save me from the hard ship of trying to get it to my local game store in once piece, I magnetized the wings to make it easier for transport. (bottom photo)

Popping Cherries and Rolling dice!

Welcome to My Blog. I'll have most of my past and current projects and all other fun things I find about Warhammer 40k posted. I Play 3 armies in the 40k world. My main army is the Black Templar/Blood Angels, its like a combi-melta it can kick ass both ways. I also have a Smaller Ork Army with a bunch of scratch build stuff and My newest Ladies/Inquisition army, which I can't wait for that new codex! So feel free to comment or fallow or whatever you blogger-groupies call it. but lets just keep the foul language to a 15 word minimum per comment and if i don't like what you have to say, i'll delete it cause i have the power.  Other then that enjoy.

Oh i don't have a Tag name or screen name or anything like all those others that i'm sure you kids read. I thought of a few (e.g. Destroyer of Worlds) but they didn't roll of the tongue like they should, and my girlfriend didn't like calling me that all the time. So I'm Nate. some call me 40k-Nate.  

That is all.