Thursday, August 5, 2010

"You won't like me when i'm angry!"

  His name is Angry. My scratch built death company dreadnought, and with blood talons, he is... ANGRY!

  I made him out of a AoBR dread and built the giant chainsaw arm out of the melta arm and simple plastic-card. after that i cut his legs off and just glued them back on further back so it looks like he is jumping over a pile of rubble.

  Now if your playing BA, you shouldn't leave home without one of these bad boys. Using the blood talons i have taken out entire squads of pretty much anything i run into. my average kill in first round of combat is usually around 8 kills. he gets 6 attacks on the charge. (4 base +1 charge + 1 blood talons) re-rolling wounds(acts as lighting claws) and for every kill he gets another attack. say good bye to those pesky 20+ guard squads. Just don't run them into termies with TH/SS. they can F him up.
Oh and he come with a melt-gun! that is a lovely can opener! 

  The down side is if your opponent knows what he is capable of, then he will be a prime target. he does have some protection with "none can stay my wrath" ignoring shaken and stunned. but still nothing pisses me off more then getting immobilized right in front of a juicy target. I usually roll with him on the back of a storm raven so he has a fighting chance to at least kill one squad. 

  Death company dreadnoughts are what every dreadnought should be in close combat. One giant killing robot with the soul of a genetically enhanced super solder!  

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