Wednesday, June 9, 2010


As I said before my funding has been an all time low for warhammer, but that doesn't stop me from trying to make new things with what i got. My friend at is a genius at taking a cereal box and a rhino and BAM, a Land Raider with a demolisher cannon and some other craziness! So this post is all about making new models with ones that i already have. Cause why proxy when you can just make a cool model  and it gives your army originality.

Before i got into the new blood angels i played Black Templar. (still very close to my heart) but now they are over priced for space marines, and well the blood angels are just so much fun to play! But that is neither hear nor there. What i'm trying to say is that I love Chaplains! I think they are the greatest HQ (now elite) choice you can take. To make a already pretty kick ass squad and make it even better?! Re-rolling failed to wound! making power weapons very close to power fist with the chances to wound.

I've been rolling a chaplain with a death company, that unit IS death! (re-roll hits and wounds!) so the problem i had is, i have a chaplain in terminator armor and one with a jump pack but i don't have just in power armor. So to change this I butchered one of my tacital marines, (who needs bolters?!) And with some CSM and some Warhammer Fantasy bits I made this bad boy! Since the BT and BA's both had a huge history in killing orks, I used an ork skull as a shoulder pad.

Another super easy scratch built model i made is The Sanguinar or i like to call the Sangunator (sounds cooler) Even though GW model is super cool, i built my own.
A while back i got tired of the GW's emperors champion, it wasn't doing it for me. so i built my own with some Dark Angel and CSM bits. And that left me with the a old metal model not in use. I put some of wings my friend gave cause he wasn't using them and and new paint job and BOOM! THE SANGUNATOR!

And some tips on playing this over priced bad ass. Run him next to your death co. giving them +1 attack. yeah thats 5 attacks at strength 5 on the charge with FC and a with my new chaplain re-rolling all hits and wounds. your looking at a Butt-load of armor saves. And since he isn't an IC he can charge another unit or better yet the enemy IC and he can re-roll hits and wounds on them. I wouldn't deep strike him. a single model out in the open with nothing to do is not a good way to bring him in. I start him off on the table and run him up behind a LR or rhino, single models are easy to hide. Make sure he has some support if you are charging a big squad, with only 3 wounds thats just 3 ones and that 270pt model is down for the count!

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