Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Popping Cherries and Rolling dice!

Welcome to My Blog. I'll have most of my past and current projects and all other fun things I find about Warhammer 40k posted. I Play 3 armies in the 40k world. My main army is the Black Templar/Blood Angels, its like a combi-melta it can kick ass both ways. I also have a Smaller Ork Army with a bunch of scratch build stuff and My newest Ladies/Inquisition army, which I can't wait for that new codex! So feel free to comment or fallow or whatever you blogger-groupies call it. but lets just keep the foul language to a 15 word minimum per comment and if i don't like what you have to say, i'll delete it cause i have the power.  Other then that enjoy.

Oh i don't have a Tag name or screen name or anything like all those others that i'm sure you kids read. I thought of a few (e.g. Destroyer of Worlds) but they didn't roll of the tongue like they should, and my girlfriend didn't like calling me that all the time. So I'm Nate. some call me 40k-Nate.  

That is all.

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