Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Storm Raven

When the BA codex came out and i saw how bad ass the storm raven is, i just had to make one. I looked into everyone else's conversions and everyone was making these Land Raiders with wings. When you put if on the table it just looks like a Fat person at a Olympic gymnast meeting.  The AV is only 12 and it can only hold 12 marines, no termies. That is 2 strikes against the Land Raider looking Storm Raven. I though of just a slightly larger Rhino looking ship with some clamps on the back for the dread.  This was my first and poor man's attempt at making one. unlike all my other 40k bloggers i have a very limited amount of funds to dump into this addiction. So i broke apart an old Pred i wasn't really playing with and i went to the local non-warhammer hobby shop and picked up a A-10 Worthog model for $20 and some placticard. I would say it would be much easier if the pred wasn't already assembled but hey i had a full day to work on it and experiment.  I also had a ton of bits i got a while ago. (also helped me with my Orks) so here is it. Most of it is the Rhino and plasticard but everyone at my local game store likes it. My next one is going to look similar but it will use a Drop pod for wings and a Vindicator for the body it will be a more stream-lined look.

The top photo still needed some small paint touch ups and more work. I did have some trouble with transporting it and the wings staying on. And if you do make one I recommend not playing one with only one wing cause i did, and all night from 10 different people saying "why does it only have one wing? does it only fly around in circles?" and my reply was something like "I  forgot the other wing at your moms house!"
To save me from the hard ship of trying to get it to my local game store in once piece, I magnetized the wings to make it easier for transport. (bottom photo)

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